Maine Aquarium Maintenance

Servicing fresh + saltwater commercial and residential aquariums in the greater Bangor, Maine area

  • Son & Sand is a Maine aquarium maintenance company based out of Bangor. We service residential and commercial tanks of all shapes and sizes.

    Since 2013, Son & Sand has watched over and built customer tanks as small as 10 gallons, to massive coral farm systems over 400 gallons.

    Whether it’s a freshwater aquarium, planted, saltwater, or coral reef aquarium, Son & Sand has the experience to build your dream tank, or to make your existing tank look like a work of art. Contact us today!
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How can Son & Sand help you?


Have a freshwater aquarium? Planted? With years of experience in freshwater aquarium care, Son & Sand can carefully setup or maintain your existing freshwater system.

+ Reef Tanks

Son & Sand owner, Scott Matteson, is what many would consider a reef junkie. In other words, we have the experience and knowledge to maintain or grow a beautiful, thriving reef!


With Son & Sand, you're not dealing with a faceless chain. You can always expect friendly and personalized service from a Maine-based company. By aquarists, for aquarists!


Need someone to look after your home aquarium? Looking to have one installed? Large or small, fresh or saltwater, Son & Sand builds and services residential tanks of all shapes and sizes.


Does your business have an existing aquarium or looking to have one installed? We can install standard or customized tanks. Need maintenance? We do that too! Consultations are free.

Tank Service

Is your aquarium in desperate need of attention? Trust us when we say that we've seen it all! Freshwater or saltwater, Son & Sand is capable of fixing code-orange aquarium disasters!

“We are so thankful for Scott’s care and concern with our aquariums. They look fabulous!”

- Susan Gillo

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Check out our blog for the latest Son & Sand news as well as some great tips on how to keep your aquarium thriving!

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