Since the age of 10 I always wanted a saltwater aquarium. Unfortunately I was always met with the same uninformed response: “they’re too much work!” So I settled for a freshwater tank that I received for my birthday, and seemingly put my saltwater dream on hold.


Son & Sand owner, Scott Matteson

Fast forward years later, and I saw a segment about saltwater “nano tanks” on a morning show. These are essentially small “all-in-one” style aquariums. I had since graduated college and had a small apartment – no where to put a tank, but I wouldn’t give up there. Working with children, I convinced my boss at the time that an aquarium would be great for our work environment… and so began my salty obsession! That was 9 years ago (and I still have one of my first fish, “Samson”! – a misbar captive bred Clownfish).

Over the course of 9 years I would eventually branch into various tanks, including growing coral in a custom setup built in a Rubbermaid tote (“the Rubbermaid reef!”), as well as designing and installing my own system composed of a display tank, a refugium and a frag tank, which is essentially a farm of baby corals.

By 2012 I was growing and selling corals to support my reefing addiction…er, hobby.

In 2013 one of my friends was going on vacation and asked me to tank sit. I wrote about it on Facebook, and yet another friend in the hobby saw my post and offered to introduce me to someone at Husson Pediatrics whom had just offered him a job to maintain their tank. Offering maintenance quickly became a priority. Son & Sand aquarium maintenance was born!

frag tank

Scott’s personal “frag” (baby coral) setup

Since 2013 I have watched over customer tanks all over the Bangor, Maine area – as small as 10 gallons, to massive coral farm systems over 400 gallons. I have worked with fresh water, planted, and salt tanks. I’ve turned tanks from algae-choked disasters to underwater works of art.

Get in touch today and see how Son & Sand can help you with your existing aquarium, or designing and building a new one!

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you.

Son & Sand owner

Meet Some of our Clients:

“Scott does a great job. He has been taking care of my reef tanks for several years now. I started having him care for them while I was away on work trips or vacation. Over a year ago I asked him to do weekly maintenance for me and am happy with that decision.

He has a good eye for when something might be going wrong. He’s very conscientious and trustworthy…he has a key to my house! Heartily recommended.”

– Lance Blackstone

“While away Scott took care of our aquarium like it was his own, and it was in better shape when we got back then before we left.

Scott’s passion for salt water mixed reef aquariums is matched by his knowledge of chemistry, media filtration, and sump design. He strongly believes in conservation of marine ecology and is passionate about salt water aquariums, propagation of corals and education – it sets him apart from others in his field. Thanks Scott.”

– Paul Pultorak

“Our Fish tank looked terrible when our last person left. When Scott took over, it was defiantly a huge undertaking. Since his time with us, we have moved into a new building and now have 2 Fish Tanks to care for. One is upstairs and it looks awesome! The water is so clear and the way it is set up, the kids can see all of the fish and they truly enjoy looking for the fish and seeing the snails. The one downstairs is huge! It took a lot of care and continues to look great. We are thankful for Scotts care and concern about the fish tanks he services. They look fabulous! Thank You Scott!”

– Susan Gillo
Eastern Maine Medical Pediatrics