Freshwater Aquariums

Son & Sand owner, Scott Matteson started with a freshwater tank for his 10th birthday (though he asked for a salt). Since then, he’s kept numerous types of freshwater tanks for himself and for customers. We really enjoy making natural aquascapes with lots of live plants.

Saltwater Aquariums

Son & Sand has been keeping their own personal reef tanks for nearly 10 years. It’s an absolute addiction and passion! From growing corals, designing plumbing and sumps to installing the newest gadgets, Son & Sand is here to help!

Residential Aquariums

If you’re looking for reliable Maine Aquarium Maintenance, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re just starting out and trying to plan where to put a tank, going on vacation, or simply want to spend more time enjoying your aquarium instead of servicing it – Son & Sand has you covered.

We take pride in knowing there are numerous ways to run a tank. If you have your own maintenance method that you want us to stick to, no preaching for us, we will meet with you and replicate your request every step of the way; from vodka dosing to deep sand beds – we’ve done it all!

Commercial Tanks

We love wiping finger prints (and even sometimes nose smudges) from tanks. There is no greater compliment than a curious child with their face up close and engaged with one of our beautiful aquatic creations. We aim to provide a focal point for your facility and also offer various professional Maine Aquarium Service plans as well.

Emergency Tank Service

Sometimes a tank has just been lacking some love. We are happy to turn it around! Son & Sand offers our customers quick response time and can assist over the phone if not available in person.

One time a customer was out of the country and called to inform us his tanks overflow was not working properly. We immediately went over and spent over 2 hours finding and fixing the cause of this problem….on Christmas Eve.

Friendly Service

With a background in social work and having several customer service positions, Son & Sand owner, Scott Matteson enjoys serving people and businesses from all walks of life! Whether you need a brand new custom built aquarium, or simply want a reliable Maine Aquarium Maintenance company to service your tank – we’re here to help!